My husband and I started fostering puppies and dogs in Malaysia in January 2019.  Each puppy and dog that we fostered does and always will hold a special place in our hearts.  One special puppy, more-so.

A little male puppy came to stay with us in June 2019 - he was just 3 months old.  Instantly, we all fell in love with this little boy - loving, sweet and gentle.  We named him Harper.

Harper stayed with us for around 6 weeks while we looked for a family to adopt him - a family he could call his own.

Unfortunately, Harper succumbed to illness, as many strays here in Malaysia do.
Harper spent a week at a local vet, where they tried everything to save this little boy.  Harper was having seizures which were worsening and he was no longer eating or drinking.  A heartbreaking decision was made to put Harper to rest.  We were all devastated.

Harper's ashes were laid in our garden with a beautiful Hibiscus plant where we are reminded of him everyday with the beautiful Hibiscus flowers.

To keep the memory of little Harper alive - Harper-Bandanas was created.

Harper's story is not unique here in Malaysia. There are many rescued puppies that don't make it due to illness and disease.  There are also puppies that are not fortunate to be rescued and also succumb to illness and disease.

Harper-Bandanas donates the profit from every bandana to dog shelters in Malaysia, towards the vaccination, veterinary cost and medication costs of rescued puppies.

Necessary costs, to keep these little ones healthy and safe.

Harper Hibiscus