Bone - Red on Red - Medium Size

Bone - Red on Red - Medium Size


Simple red bone shaped toy - plain red on the front, plain red on the reverse.

Medium size - Length - 20cm



    Harper-Bandana toys are not for Serious Chewers.
    Harper-Bandana toys are all handmade using canvas style cotton fabrics.

    Fabric scraps are used for stuffing our Harper-Bandana toys - re-purpose fabric that would end up as land-fill.  Part of our UpCycle Range.

    Handwashing in cold water is best, to ensure the life of the Bandana.

    Air-dry thoroughly to ensure stuffing inside is dry.



    This product is not indestructible, furkids should be supervised at all times during play.

    It is recommended to regularly check this product for damage.

    This product is not suitable for Serious Chewers.