Bluesy Lime - Bow/Bowtie

Bluesy Lime - Bow/Bowtie

PriceFrom RM16.00

Following my recent travel to the UK, with their checks and plaid designs :

Check design of varying blues and a highlight of Lime Green.


    Hand made for a unique and beautiful look for your well-dressed fur baby.

    Each of our Harper-Bandanas products are handmade to order just for your FurKid!
    Harper-Bandana products are made with 100% cotton.

    This bow tie slips easily on your dog's collar with two elastic loops.

    *Care Instructions*
    1. Spot Clean with Mild Detergent
    2. Lay Flat and Air Dry
    3. Reshape

    *Important Safety*
    While this bow tie is very well made and durable, it is not meant for chewing and rough wear.
    Please always supervise your dog when wearing to ensure safety.

    ** We also have the option for you to order a matching Harper-Bandana & matching scrunchies for human!